“I help people who feel stuck & powerless, change from the inside out."
- Jennifer Emperador -
jennifer emperador

You belong here.

You are worthy of space.
You are worthy of safety.
You are worthy of being seen.

We are not our limitations nor defined by our past. Our true and authentic self is made up of our deepest-held aspirations, dreams, and goals. Your past informs your present, but it doesn’t have to be your destiny. You must learn to trust that there is a future waiting for you that is beyond what you believe is possible in the present moment.

Let’s Journey Together

This journey is about coming back home to yourself. Your inner power and strength reside deep within you. It's begging to be witnessed and harnessed by you so that you can connect to the full depth of your innate wisdom and divine energy.

  • Know your worth, reclaim your power
  • Safely give voice to what you are feeling
  • Break free from fear, shame, guilt
  • Clarify and normalize your boundaries
  • Improve communication with self and others
  • Acquire a sense of self-agency and autonomy
  • Identify the blocks that prevent you from moving forward
  • Design a plan that supports your core values & future self
  • Implement healthier habits that support your full potential
  • Gain tools for safety, regulation, and resilience
  • Feel more confident with who you are and what you have to offer
  • Acquire mindfulness techniques that allow you to be fully engaged in your relationships, work and life
  • Discover the gifts in your past and learn how to access them for fuller, more vibrant living
  • Establish intentional strategies to help you manage the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck or overwhelmed
  • Learn a new way of living with purpose in the present moment, regardless of your circumstances

Nicole T. - Jennifer encouraged me to be independent and whole, to see things with a clearer perspective. Through her guidance and support I was able to see the truth in who I am and what I want in my life. Because of Jennifer, I had the courage to pursue a new career and heal some of my old wounds.

Together we rise.

Member Exclusive Coming Soon

A seamless segway for those who have completed a program and seek on-going support and resources

  • Unlimited access to all course videos
  • Quarterly group coaching sessions
  • Learn new regulation tools and techniques
  • Receive on-going education and guidance
  • Be part of a nurturing community
  • Complimentary access to the She Sanctuary community

Empower Yourself, To Create The Life You Want

Jacqueline C. - Jennifer provided a safe and comfortable setting for me to be vulnerable. It was clear that my traumatic childhood affected how I was showing up in my relationship. Now I can communicate my needs with my partner effectively.

Accepts PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash and credit card*
FSA/HSA may be an approved payment option (dependent upon your plan)
*Subject to 3% processing fee

The essence and heart-centered approach to healing are the same either virtually or in person. To ensure your appointment full payment must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment.

I am a private pay practitioner that allows you to have more control over your experiences. You will not receive a mental health diagnosis and your session notes will not be submitted to an outside third party. We will be able to freely work together in a way that honors your healing journey in a way that best suits your needs.