jennifer emperador

Jennifer Emperador

Body Mind Integration Trauma Specialist

My close family and friends call me Zen Jen or S.O.L (Sister of Love). I also consider myself as an empowered advocate, innervist (beautifully coined by Elizabeth Lesser as a person who seeks inner change and healing), and a resilient queen. In accepting my wholeness, I learned how to turn the pain and memories into power…and I am here to help yours as well!

Despite being successful in the corporate field and appearing happy on the outside, I was feeling completely miserable. As we know, not dealing with unresolved trauma can make you feel stuck and powerless. Eventually I sought help and was diagnosed with C-PTSD. That's when everything made sense. My chronic health challenges, mental health issues, abusive relationships, and addictions all stemmed from my past.

Learn to rise above your past

Reclaim your power & live fearlessly

Traditional talk therapy alone was limiting and I found that an integrated holistic approach of the Body and Mind helped me claim my life back. Although I knew I couldn't change my past, I knew I could change my relationship to it. As a survivor, warrior, and sister, I knew that my purpose was to help others come to the same place of peace and self-love.

Trained in Integral Breath Therapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Advanced Nidra and Yoga Teacher Training, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cranial and Polarity Therapy, Mindfulness, Reiki and various energy modalities I have been able to provide a trauma-sensitive, heart-centered and intuitive approach to healing trauma.

This is my mission. My reason for being.

I help trauma survivors reclaim their power and create a thriving future self that supports their own vision of happiness, health, and success.

jennifer teachign a seminar

Claim Your Life As Your Own…

Revel in Who You Are & Be Liberated

I believe in the power of the mind/body connection to help heal the stress and traumas of our past and embrace the wholeness of our soul. I help my clients embody the wisdom of their own experiences to create an empowered life.

I support my clients with…

  • A loving, sacred space as they reclaim their wholeness.
  • Regulation tools that embody self-awareness and safety.
  • Growth mindset tools that promote a conscious wholehearted life.

Janet L. - have kind and gentle spirit that allows revelations to float to the top!

Rich E. - Jennifer is so disarmingly peaceful, kind and. We spent time talking about my past, present and what I wanted my future to be. She helped me realize how to get out of my own way. I have gained insight into how I view the world, my life, family and how I make decisions and have more confidence and faith that things always work out.

jennifer emperador


Compassion | Connection | Resiliency | Authenticity | Courage
Integrity | Curiosity | Play | Collaboration | Safety | Autonomy

I have discovered that the body and mind are like a rich tapestry of senses, memories, emotions, and thoughts that have allowed me to be in touch with the magic of being alive, reclaiming my life fully. With a deep sense of appreciation of my experiences in my life, here are just a few I would love to share with you...

jennifer and tiger

Favorite Sight
Entering the Tiger's Den in Thailand


Favorite Taste
13 Course Fine Dining at Kai


Favorite Smell
Mountain Fresh Air in Banff, Canada


Favorite Touch
Elephant Spirit Animal

weekend of golden silence

Favorite Sound
Weekend of Golden Silence

favorite thing to do travel

Favorite Thing to Do
Travel the World

soul sisters

My Soulsisters

atlas puppy

My Furbaby

my soulmate

My Soulmate

I’m Ready to Go Big, Rise Up & Step Into My Power