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Jennifer Emperador

Holistic Embodiment Coach

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Your body is your power

Deepen your relationship with yourself, ignite your level of confidence, and embody your personal power.

I am here to hold you accountable for what is possible in your life. Instead of digging deeper into the pain that you are already experiencing, let's focus on your BEcoming - EXPANSIVE, LIBERATED, and ABUNDANT.

You CAN overcome past problems to live your best life!
It’s time to know your power and worth!

You're not alone...

jennifer emperador

Embodied Confidence is:

  • Shattering old belief systems
  • Overcoming doubts and fears
  • Learning how to listen to your body-mind wisdom
  • Claiming your own authentic voice
  • Being empowered to pursue your dreams and goals

Chris L. - Jennifer helps guide you through your personal healing process and learn to have the confidence to achieve your ultimate goals.

Meghan H. - She gave me the tools to be empowered to overcome my past and create a new outlook, direction, and be more confident in my future.

No matter who you are, what you have done or experienced, YOU can decide who you will become.

Path To Becoming Whole

Bodyfulness & Mindfulness

I see you in your comparison mode. I see you feeling unworthy and powerless...because I was there too.

The truth is you do matter and you are a radiant, powerful, and worthy woman who deserves to be present in this world and have the confidence to own your life fully. 

Reclaim the power that was always yours!