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Individual Sessions

Journey of the Breath

Cultivate what connection and safety feels like through the journey of the breath and body. Through conscious connected breathing, this body centered process creates dialogue of the mind, body, and spirit to transform unresolved issues on the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level.


Redefine your patterns so you can overcome your weaknesses and build upon your strengths. By interacting with the subconscious mind in an open, safe, and reflective process, you will be able to create positive changes in your life. Hypnosis can safely treat the physical and mental aspects of common problems like addictions safely and can help you break your physical and emotional dependence on overeating, smoking, drinking, drama, anger, or any other destructive addition that you might have.

The Bars Access Consciousness  ®

Are there limitations in your life holding you back from creating a more empowered life? By accessing the 32 points on your head, this system allows your body to process and receive the changes you seek.

Couples Skill Building

Life is all about relationships.  We want our relationships to be harmonious, balanced and fulfilling.  Focus on looking toward your future, rather than dealing primarily with your past. Change unhealthy patterns and  develop new relationship skills for an optimal relationship.

Emotional Freedom Technique*

Also known as EFT or Tapping, this psychological acupressure technique optimizes your emotional and physical health. It can help remove negative emotions, decrease food cravings, reduce or eliminate pain and implement positive goals.

Pranic Healing ®

A highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy process. Using this technique, blockages are identified, cleansed energized and revitalized with new prana.

Reiki  (with optional Vibrational Sound Healing and Aromatherapy)

This simple, natural and safe Japanese (Usui) technique is used for stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes health and well-being of the entire physical, emotional and psychic body. Along with the benefits of a Reiki treatment, sound healing, aromatherapy, crystals and tuning forks may be used to help enhance the session.

Sound Bath Immersion & Guided Imagery

Emerge yourself in a sound healing bath of gongs and crystal bowls along with guided imagery to help you experience a deep sense of serenity and well-being.

Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

Co-create your world your way with a deep sleep meditation based on the Integrative Amrit Method (IAM). Together we will collaborate your personal intention that supports your needs to manifest what you want in your life. You will be taken through an energy focused meditative series of breathe, body and awareness techniques with sound healing which result in deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Therapeutic Yoga

Explore your personal body-mind connection with yoga, somatic journeying, psychology, and life coaching to release the stories of shame and trauma held in the body. Through the evolution of inquiry, self-actualization, and soul clearing you are able to create a new relationship to your body and begin to understand how it can provide the deep wisdom needed to heal the stories of the past.


A gentle technique using points on the skin of the external ear that is widely used for pain control, emotional issues, addictions and internal disorders. Reflex points are stimulated using ear beads, aromatherapy, crystals and tuning forks. One or more of these combinations may be used during treatment to create change and healing.

Individual In House Sessions: $175

Individual Phone Sessions: $100

Couples In House Sessions: $375

Veterans/Senior Citizens: $100

Each session is a 90 minute experience (Time includes preliminary and concluding consult)

Accepts cash, check, and credit card*

*Subject to 2% processing fee

Sol Discovery’s office is held in Tempe, Arizona. The essence and heart-centered approach to healing are the same either in person or through the use of technology. In-house sessions are 90 minutes and sessions done through the use of technology are 70 minutes (both include preliminary and concluding consult). To ensure your appointment full payment must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment and can be paid through Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.

I am a private pay practitioner that allows you to have more control over your experiences. You will not receive a mental health diagnosis and your session notes will not be submitted to an outside third party. We will be able to freely work together in a way that honors your healing journey in a way that best suits your needs.

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  • Package Rates

    Investing in a package:

    • improves your symptoms
    • provides healthier coping skills
    • develops mindful resiliency
    • embodies a wholeness approach

    Includes: 1 1/2 hour session + Exploration Exercises

    + 20 minute progress call after each session

    Individual Sessions              Couples Sessions

        3 sessions - $480                         3 sessions - $1050

        6 sessions - $870                         6 sessions - $1950

       9 sessions - $1070                        9 sessions - $2700


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